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Review: TPW Whey Crispy Clusters

Review: TPW Whey Crispy Clusters It’s 2pm Monday, the first day of your new healthy eating regime. That spinach and avocado chicken salad you had for lunch was nice enough – but it didn’t quite hit the spot, and after hearing Linda from HR refer to her stupid fucking children as her raison d’être for […]


Reviewing The NHS Diet – “The Nutritional Equivalent Of A Wet Fart”

Reviewing The NHS Diet – “The Nutritional Equivalent Of A Wet Fart” I was in my local pharmacy this weekend buying lollipops fashioned into whistles when my gaze fell upon a brightly coloured, food-addled leaflet promoting healthy eating. Since it was the new year and I’d spent the last 10 days feasting and drinking like […]


Leroy Colbert’s Full-Body Blitz Routine

Leroy Colbert’s Full-Body Blitz Routine As any regular readers of the blog will know, we’re big advocates of the old school approach to bodybuilding. In the 40s and 50s bodybuilders favoured intense full-body routines, lots of rest and recovery and a focus on general health and wellbeing. Their bodies were natural and beautiful; every man wanted […]


Workout Tips From The Ancient World

Workout Tips From The Ancient World The 6th Century BCE. As a blood-red sun rises on the Eurotas valley the men of Sparta spill forth from their barracks. Battle-hardened demi-gods begin anther day of ceaseless toil, honing their bloodied bodies into athletic killing machines. Naked boxers and wrestlers engage in brutal sparring sessions, warriors race long distances in full battle armour, others are willfully flogged […]


GymTalk Review Of The Year 2015

GymTalk Review Of The Year 2015 Now, as you may have noticed, we at GymTalk are big fans of a review. From supplements to workouts, diets to bodybuilding equipment, if someone’s hawking it, we’ll objectively (unless cash for stars is offered) review it. So, as the end of 2015 approaches, we thought we’d go big this […]

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