Bulk Powders Sports Multi AM:PM Review

Bulk Powders Sports Multi AM:PM Review Apologies if we sound like your grandmother, but at GymTalk we believe vitamins should be an important part of every lifter’s diet, and the easiest way to ensure you’re getting a benchmark of vitamins is by taking a good quality multi. When I recently wrote about the best vitamins available […]


SiS Whey Protein Review

SiS Whey Protein Review Science in Sport (SiS) have been around for years, and my general perception of them has been a brand who lurk in the bargain buckets of your local supplement store, rearing their heads when the sell by dates are nearing. But head on over to the Science in Sport website and […]


Historical Figures Who Didn’t Need To Lift

Historical Figures Who Didn’t Need To Lift With the world currently being played out exclusively on social media, it’s now impossible to prove yourself as a man without 20 inch biceps, a garish vest and paleo meals that look as unappetising as an invite to Michael Barrymore’s next pool party. However, looking into the vistas […]


MuscleFood Protein Pizza Review

MuscleFood Protein Pizza Review We’ve all been there. That sinking sense of shame as, sprawled naked across your sofa like some kind of vast bloated slug, you shovel down the last slice of a billion-calorie Domino’s pizza. With reckless abandon, you toss aside the greasy carboard box, letting it fester amongst the detritus of your […]


Do Not Use These Resistance Machines!

Do Not Use These Resistance Machines! As the old adage goes, the camel is a horse designed by committee. (They’re having a go at the camel, which they shouldn’t…) Well, looking at some of the resistance machines that feature in gyms around the country, one would reach the conclusion that the preceding committee comprised a […]

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