3 Essential Vitamins & Minerals For The Heavy Lifter

Something I see far too often is guys who train a lot and get a tonne of protein in, yet put little thought into other supplements or foods that may have a positive effect on their training. So, in this post, we’re going to take a quick look at the most beneficial vitamins and minerals […]

Huel Bar Review

We tried out the first iteration of the Huel product last year with good results, and in the name of ultimate convenience the company has now launched a bar alongside their powdered drink range. Dropping a big part of your daily nutrition on a bar really does sounds too good to be true, especially for […]

Review: Go Nutrition Original Protein Flapjacks

With the success of The Great British Bake Off and an ever-stiffening cultural hard-on for healthy eating and high protein foods, it won’t be long before some TV exec puts two and two together and The Great British Protein Bake Off hits our screens. Hosted by Davina McCall and Joe Wicks, who present with the awkward air […]

Gold Standard Mass Gainer Review

Another day another mass gainer. This time round it’s a new product from Optimum Nutrition: their Gold Standard Mass Gainer. In my eyes Optimum have been releasing too many products recently – whether it’s the lean women’s range or three differently packaged BCAA ranges, I find it hard to keep up and I’ve no doubt […]

Review: Musclefood Live Clean Meals

There is place, glimpsed only on social media, called “Fitness Land”. It is a gleaming, spotless kingdom, populated by rippling abs, avocados and neon leggings, where people communicate solely in motivational hashtags, always stay humble and are constantly grinding. In this magical province, leg day is never skipped, PRs are constantly smashed and all meals are […]

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