The Biggest Bastards Of The 2015 Rugby World Cup

The Biggest Bastards Of The 2015 Rugby World Cup At GymTalk Towers we really enjoyed the 2015 Rugby World Cup. From mirin’ the hamstrings, to applauding the big hits, to witnessing the courageous efforts of the smaller nations, it was a great tournament. Now, at this juncture, I was rather hoping to make a hilarious joke […]


Why You Should Be A Half-Repper

Why You Should Be A Half-Repper We all know him, every gym has one. The guy who steps into the squat rack, loads up far too many plates and proceeds to do what can only be described as, at best, half reps. He’ll re-rack and then walk away looking proud of himself, secure in the knowledge […]


Review: MuscleFood Freshly Prepped Meals

Review: MuscleFood Freshly Prepped Meals More and more, nutrition companies are eliminating any semblance of effort from our bid to stay fit and healthy. I can envisage a future where we intravenously plug in to our smart phones and download macronutrients straight into our bloodstream, all while a giant chrome robot barks orders in Korean through a […]


Huel Powdered Food Review

Huel Powdered Food Review You’re probably wondering what the hell is Huel? Well, Huel is nutritionally complete human fuel. And by that I mean it differs from a supplement in that rather than supplementing your diet it can completely replace food. Seriously. As they state, Huel is “everything your body needs, nothing more.” This is […]


TPW Protein Brownies Review

TPW Protein Brownies Review Here at GymTalk we’ve tried a number of hit-or-miss protein foods recently, ranging from the good, the bad, to the frankly ridiculous. In fact, some recent protein creations (garlic protein grasshoppers?) sound as if they were commissioned by a talking monkey high on psychoactive drugs rather than an actual sentient human. While we […]

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