I’m A Bodybuilder And I Tried Crossfit

I’m A Bodybuilder And I Tried Crossfit I love lifting weights, I really do. There’s nothing else like it – a passion that builds you mentally and physically is the best kind of hobby. And of the weight lifting disciplines, I’d definitely say I’m a bodybuilder. Why? Because my main goal is to get the […]


Mass Around The World

Mass Around The World Pepsi, McDonalds, Viagra. Established brands that can be found almost anywhere in the world, strong global companies. But is there still room for small, lesser-spotted companies to exploit the global market? Will GymTalk ever be mentioned in the same sentence as the aforementioned? Well, probably not. Far from having glamorous offices […]


Living Primal: Paleo Insights With Ben Law

Living Primal: Paleo Insights With Ben Law Fascinated by the prospect of the paleo (caveman) diet? Well, at GymTalk, so are we. But let’s face it, eating paleo seems to come with a lot of sacrifices, and presents a bunch of questions. I mean, I’m pretty sure cavemen didn’t drink 15 pints of Guiness down […]


Primal Power Review

Primal Power Review Primal and paleolithic dieting and training is all the rage nowadays. Popularised mostly by American Crossfit nutters, their diets aim to get your body into a more ‘ketogenic’ state. That is, using fat for energy by eating more fats and less carbs as well as including plenty of proteins in daily food. Primal […]


Reader Q&A With Ray Buckton & Russ Howe

Reader Q&A With Ray Buckton & Russ Howe Most of the guidance we dish out here at GymTalk can be fairly one sided: Do full-body workouts, squat more, be Reg Park, stop making a ponce of yourself on social media… You know the drill by now. And while it’s all perfectly good advice – sometimes it’s […]

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