Oscar Wendowski


Oscar Wendowski

Staple Supplements For Bodybuilding

Step into your local health food store and glance at the aisles. You’ll be faced with bright shiny labels and ever outrageous claims of anabolic potency and promises of 6 pack abs. How do you know which supplements are worth your hard earned cash and which ones are just marketing gimmicks? Well the short answer […]

The Effects Of Alcohol On Bodybuilding

So you’ve decided to become serious about bodybuilding. You’re consuming more protein than the average T-Rex did, spending so much time in the gym you’re on first name terms with the entire staff, and have miraculously condensed an entire aisle of your local GNC into your kitchen cupboard. Nevertheless, the weekend comes around and it’s […]

What Protein Should I Get?

For my first article on GymTalk, I figured I’d start with something relatively straightforward: “What protein should I get?” This is a question I’ve been asked time and time again and one a beginner will inevitably consider when embarking on the road to supplementation. Faux marketing I’m always amused by the marketing of protein products. […]

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