Bodybuilding & MS Excel

Bodybuilding & Microsoft Excel Part 2: Workout Selection

Back by the =power of popular demand and through the =product of at least 15 minutes research playing around with Excel, I’m able to bring you the second installment in the groundbreaking series of blog posts entitled ‘Bodybuilding and Microsoft Excel’. (You can read Part 1: 1RM Percentages by clicking here.) Selecting your workout To start […]

Bodybuilding And Microsoft Excel Part 1: 1RM Percentages

Yes, my friend, you read that right: bodybuilding and Microsoft Excel. This is perhaps something you’ve never seen before in a bodybuilding blog or magazine, but that is the aim of GymTalk: breaking paradigms. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce some ways that you can combine MS Excel and bodybuilding. Why Am I […]

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