Interview With Greg Nuckols

Right now there are as many fitness-related websites and social media profiles as there are stars in the universe. With some much competition, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. But, occasionally, amongst all the clickbait, product-peddling and gratuitous dick measuring, we’ll see something that genuinely surprises us, which brings something new to […]

Living Primal: Paleo Insights With Ben Law

Fascinated by the prospect of the paleo (caveman) diet? Well, at GymTalk, so are we. But let’s face it, eating paleo seems to come with a lot of sacrifices, and presents a bunch of questions. I mean, I’m pretty sure cavemen didn’t drink 15 pints of Guiness down the Rose ‘n’ Crown on the weekends. […]

Interview With Fitness Model Bryn Ray

Last week I spoke to Bryn Ray, a fitness model and sponsored Optimum Nutrition athlete. We went for a gruelling back session at the excellent Fight City Gym by Old Street station and followed it up with an obligatory Nando’s, where I interviewed him about his lifestyle and diet. Hi Bryn, thanks for chatting with […]

Interview With Fitness Author & Cover Model Justin Woltering

We recently caught up with distinguished personal trainer, martial artist, author, cover model and all round fitness expert Justin Woltering for an exclusive interview. Justin shared with us some top insights on training, nutrition, keeping motivated, and life in the fitness industry. Hi Justin, thanks for chatting with us today, it’s great to have you […]

Interview With Fitness Model And Personal Trainer Ray Buckton

Way back in July 2013, friend of GymTalk Ray Buckton, who works as a fitness model and is one of London’s most in-demand personal trainers, wrote us a superb article on nutrition. We were extremely impressed – as were many of you guys – by his wealth of knowledge, so we invited him back for […]

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