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Interview With Bikini Fitness Model Emma Howie

The UKBFF Bikini categories have witnessed a surge of interest in recent years, attracting record numbers competitors and increasing media coverage. Last year, Emma Howie became one of the industry’s brightest female prospects after netting a victory in the coveted UKBFF Bikini Stars of Tomorrow 2013. We recently sat down with Emma to talk about […]

Interview With Celebrity Personal Trainer Russ Howe

We recently got the chance to sit down with Russ Howe, an enormously popular personal trainer and fitness blogger who’s YouTube channel has amassed over five million views. As well as being a fantastic trainer with some great tips and insights on training and nutrition, Russ was also a top guy and an absolute pleasure […]

Thomas Inch: The Scarborough Hercules

When it comes to legends of British bodybuilding, few have surpassed the enduring contribution made by Thomas Inch, the ‘Scarborough Hercules’. Although he might look like a portly butler from Downton Abbey, Inch was, throughout his life, one of the world’s strongest men, performing feats of circus-hall strength which far eclipsed those of the great […]

Interview With Olympic Weightlifting Champion Marius Hardiman

Marius Hardiman is an Olympic Weightlifter who has, over the course of his illustrious career, won numerous British titles and medalled at several prestigious international competitions. Having since retired from competitive weightlifting, Marius is now the owner and head coach at Oxford PowerSports (OXP), a weightlifting club based in Oxfordshire. In his interview with GymTalk, […]

Interview With Joel Snape – Editor At Men’s Fitness Magazine

I recently got the chance to chat with Joel Snape, associate editor of Men’s Fitness magazine and all round good egg, who, when not writing about all things fitness related, is an amateur strongman and Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt. We discussed everything from battling it out in the ring, dirty squats and Andrew WK to […]

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