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From world-renowned superstars to niche YouTube gurus, Gym-Talk brings you a wholly unique take on a veritable smorgasbord of bodybuilding personalities.

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Interview With UKBFF Competitor Richard Wall

GymTalk recently sat down with the UKBFF personality Richard Wall, who finished fourth place in his class at the 2013 British Champs, to discuss training, nutrition and, bizarrely, sleep. During the interview we managed to get a great insight into what it’s like to be a first time competitor and a glimpse into the training […]

Louis Cyr: The Canadian Colossus

Much like the best Beatles album, legalised prostitution, and Tom Cruise’s sexuality, the strongest man of all time is an oft-debated topic. One man that deserves his name thrown into the ring is Louis Cyr, a French-Canadian brick shithouse who earned worldwide renown at the turn of the twentieth century by performing legendary/completely absurd feats of strength. […]

Arthur Saxon: The Strongest Man Of All Time

Germany. A country famous for classical music, beer, sausages, hairy women and genocide. And in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century it was also home to some of the strongest – and craziest – men of all time. Of these, the most famous – and intriguing – was a chap called Arthur Saxon. This […]

Interview With UK Bodybuilder Pete ‘PJ’ Wisbey

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with popular UK bodybuilding personality Pete ‘PJ’ Wisbey in the run up to the UKBFF Finals on Sunday October 20, 2013. He shared some excellent, actionable advice on training and nutrition at an elite level – essential reading for anyone who’s considering competing in the near future.. Hi […]

Joe Weider: The Godfather Of Fitness

When you think of bodybuilding, certain iconic images will undoubtedly spring to mind. Arnold Schwarzenegger, smiling smugly, chest inflated like two fleshy beachballs; Ronnie Coleman leg pressing 2,300lbs, screaming “yeah buddy” like a brain damaged child; Reg Park as Hercules, swanning around in some frankly awful sword and sandals flick; or maybe Louis Ferringo as […]

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