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From world-renowned superstars to niche YouTube gurus, Gym-Talk brings you a wholly unique take on a veritable smorgasbord of bodybuilding personalities.

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Eugen Sandow: The Father Of Modern Bodybuilding

Like a heroic play by Sophocles or Aeschylus, the sport of bodybuilding is full of mythic characters capable of superhuman feats, extremes of comedy and tragedy, pathos, spectacle, and men running around with their bollocks out while women are shunted to the sidelines. And just like the grandiose plays of the Ancient World, bodybuilding has […]

Frank Yang: The Interview

After we ran our first article on this peculiar bodybuiling personality, one of our readers commented that the fitness┬ácommunity is lucky to have people as mad as Frank Yang. We could not agree more. Like other radical artists such as Blake, Milton or Kubrick, Yang is someone who’s powerful and unorthodox vision transcends his chosen […]

Bodybuilding & Steroids With Bostin Loyd

Bodybuilding and steroids. The two are synonymous with each other, yet there seems to be a universal gagging order when it comes to tackling this elephant in the room amongst those at the very top. That is until now. Those of you following bodybuilding personalities on Twitter or YouTube may have come across this video […]

100% British Beef: The Reg Park Story

Leeds. A city in the north of England, famous for Leeds United Football Club, binge drinking and celebrity paedophiles. However, in the mid-twentieth century, this old industrial town was put on the map for something other than booze, sex crime and a mediocre football team. It was home to Reg Park – one of the […]

Fitness Gurus You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Be Following On YouTube

Following on from our earnest look at Fitness Gurus You Should Be Following On Twitter, I’d like to bring you a less insightful and more vituperative ‘YouTube Gurus’ version. (For more tongue-in-cheek vilification, check out The Top 6 Fitness Personalities On Instagram.) I’ve selected five bodybuilding personalities, some I like, and some I show the […]

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