Flex Wheeler: Greatest Genetics in the History of Bodybuilding?

Flex Wheeler, nicknamed the ‘Sultan of Symmetry’, is known for being one of the greatest bodybuilders to have never won a Mr Olympia title. We’ll let him off on this one, seeing as he was up against Dorian Yates and the great Ronnie Coleman (what an era!). He’s also considered to have built one of […]

Siegmund “Zishe” Breitbart: The Iron King

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had an interest in circus hall strongmen. Luckily for me (and the integrity of my sphincter) this hasn’t manifested into some kind of warped homosexual fetish in later life, rather a passion for lifting weights. But whereas picking up heavy bars from the ground is immensely satisfying, it just doesn’t […]

John Holtum: The Cannonball King

Nowadays it seems the great unwashed derive most of their entertainment from bickering on YouTube, watching anything hosted by Ant and Dec, and Instgramming vintage pictures of their genitals. A far cry, indeed, from the gladiatorial maulings, cat burning and public hangings that enticed hordes of cheering plebeians back in the day. Although, thankfully, these […]

Bolo Yeung: The Beast From The East

Around the same time that Arnold Schwarzenegger was making his first foray into cinema with the godawful Hercules in New York (1969), so too, on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, was a young Chinese bodybuilder by the name of Yang Sze. Sze, who would later change his name to Bolo Yeung, was a champion bodybuilder […]

John Grimek: The Monarch Of Muscledom

I have become increasingly disillusioned with modern bodybuilding of late – and I know I’m not alone. Over the last few decades the sport has changed drastically, and for the worst. Although some might disagree, the way I see it, the halcyon days of aesthetics and beauty have been snuffed out by a depressing parade […]

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