Equipment Reviews

Skulpt Chisel Review

Body fat has and always will be a big focus of the bodybuilding industry. Whether you’re an amateur starting out, someone who is happy never competing, or a full-blown six-meal-carrying bodybuilding mentalist, we’ve all had conversations about body fat percentages. And we’ve all got that one mate who claims he once measured a 3.2% body […]

PROMiXX Vortex Shaker Review

What is a PROMiXX Vortex Mixer? Well, it’s essentially a sports supplement shaker with an actual electronic mixer part, which blends up your protein shakes at the push of a button. Which, really, is as ridiculous as it sounds. So of course I had to try one out, it would be rude not to. Product […]

The 5 Best Power Racks Reviewed (UK)

If you’re thinking about – or in the process of – building a home gym, then investing in a good quality power rack is absolutely essential. If you’re serious about weightlifting, forget wasting your time and money on that overpriced ‘Total Gym 5,000,000’ – apart from looking like a futuristic torture device this shiny bit of […]

GymBoss Interval Timer Review

I’ve seen the GymBoss Interval Timer knocking about a bit around the Internet – there’s quite a few of the ‘hashtag fitfam’ type of people using it – but I’ve never thought of it as being much more than a glorified stopwatch. I could just use my phone, right? Let’s find out. Product Overview The […]

The 6 Best Adjustable Dumbbells On The Market

In an ideal world, I’d have my own air-conditioned gymnasium with endless rows of dumbbells, a post-workout canteen serving up huge Sirloin steaks, and a personal trainer/masseuse with a pair of norks so vast they would make a seasoned prostitute blush. The reality is I live in a pathetically tiny flat. There is barely room […]

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