Gym Humour

Top 5 Pointless Bodybuilding Exercises For Beginners

There are many reasons why people will make the salient decision to start lifting weights. Maybe you still have to shop at Gap Kids? Maybe you’re struggling to carry a full basket of shopping around Sainsbury’s? Or maybe Pablo the ripped lifeguard was showing your girlfriend a little bit too much attention, and, while wanting […]

Top 5 Personal Trainers

At GymTalk we’re privileged to work with some of the UK, USA and UAE’s (seriously) finest personal trainers. And while it seems that we may fastidiously favour people from countries that can be acronymised and begin with U, we will only work with guys or girls we believe have something truly great to offer the […]

The Best Bodybuilding Films On Netflix

Today it seems like every man and his dog has got a Netflix account. (Or at least a month’s free trial that you’ve managed to drag out for over a year by continually switching email addresses.) The only problem is that usually you have to wade through an ocean of dross before you find anything […]

Fictional Characters We’d Love As Gym Buddies

Everyone needs a gym buddy. But sometimes they don’t quite shape up to your expectations, and this got us thinking over at GymTalk Towers, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could drag along one of our favourite fictional characters to spot us?” What would we look for? Unrivaled strength? Nutritional know-how? Witty banter? Or someone who’s […]

How To Lift Like A Bro: The GymTalk Guide To Gym Etiquette

Every gym has a set of ubiquitous rules which have been passed down from generation to generation, not through words, but through looks of approval or disapproval. It used to be that the only way to find out these rules would be to break one and be the scourge of your gym. But fear not, […]

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