Gym Humour

5 Alternative Reasons To Take Up Bodybuilding

Not all of us gym goers want to look like Ronnie Coleman. OK, perhaps we do, but we simply cant deadlift 800lbs. Some of us just want to go to the gym to get big. There’s no goal, no calorie counting, and no oiling up (not for competitions anyway). We just want to pack on […]

The Top 10 Gym Personalities

We¬†have compiled, for your entertainment, a list of the top 10 gym personalities. It’s basically a who’s who of idiosyncratic characters/annoying wankers in the free weights area. You might find a few of these people familiar… 1) Big Iranian Most likely to be seen: deadlifting a minimum of 250kg for a few reps then leaving. […]

‘Which Bodybuilder Am I?’ Quiz

Bit of a throwback to the 90s with this article. This is probably the kind of thing you would’ve done to determine ‘Which Member of S Club 7 Am I?’ (Jo strangely enough – then again she was the most butch.) So I’ve decided to make one based on bodybuilding. All you do is work […]

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