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When it comes to bulk whey protein, Impact Whey Protein's exceptional value-for-money puts it way, way ahead of the competition.

This product is a no-brainer if you're looking for cheap, no-frills protein which gets the job done. The best whey protein on the market.

Impact Whey Protein Review

impact whey protein reviewI discovered Impact Whey Protein 6 years ago as a penniless student, and I’ve never looked at another brand of whey protein since.

Quite simply, if you want good quality protein for an exceptional price, then this product is an absolute beast.

Product Overview

Impact Whey Protein is a protein powder comprising premium quality whey protein concentrate.

Whey is a fast-digesting form of protein, which makes it an ideal supplement for post and pre-workout meals.

Obviously, you’re best off liquidising it with milk or water for convenience; however, if you’re feeling especially cuntish, why not snort it in lines à la Frank Yang?

The supplement delivers an impressive 82g of protein per 100g, boasts a nice mix of amino acids, and is available in bags of 1kg, 2.5kg and 5kg.

Taste & Texture

Impact Whey Protein comes in 19 different flavours, some of which are truly bizzare.

Seriously, who the fu*k is ordering Jam Roly Poly or Humbug flavoured protein?

If you are, and you aren’t mentally ill, please let us know in the comments below.

It should be pointed out that these flavours do not taste as good as some of the other whey protein brands, but I don’t personally consider taste to be a dealbreaker.

(Read our Hurricane XS review for an explanation why.)

I usually opt for the chocolate flavour whey and mix it with milk, banana and peanut butter for a great-tasting homemade protein shake.

Also, if you’re really strapped for cash, Impact Whey Protein is also available ‘unflavoured’.

Beware: taken on its own, the unflavoured powder tastes like flour and soot, and looks likes watered-down man milk.

When it comes to mixability, the product mixes as well as any other protein supplement I have tried.

Value for Money

Coming in at £47 for 5kg – that’s 0.9p per gram – Impact Whey Protein is simply miles ahead of the competition when it comes to value for money.

There is also the option to save some more money by buying multiple bags – but the 5kg bag lasts a long, long time.

Note: If you’re still buying your protein from the high street or from big name brands, what the frig are you doing? Don’t be a knobhead, save yourself some cash!


Despite what the glossy ads in men’s magazines may have us believe, whey protein is not a magic formula which will give you arms the size of an elephant’s erection overnight.

However, when used to complement a clean diet and a strict workout regime, it can be devastatingly effective.

Just don’t expect to get results if you’re eating like a cu*t and skipping training sessions.

Common sense, really!



When it comes to bulk whey protein, this product’s exceptional value-for-money puts it way, way ahead of the competition, making it the best whey protein on the market.

This product is a no-brainer if you’re looking for cheap, no-frills protein which gets the job done.

The only downside with the product is that there is no scoop provided.

But for what you pay, this is only a minor quibble.

Buy Impact Whey Protein

Save yourself some cash and get your bulk whey protein online from – you won’t regret it.

On a side note, Myprotein provide a very speedy service.

I’ve never had to wait more than 3 days for a delivery. Lovely stuff!

If you’ve tried this product, leave us your own Impact Whey Protein review in the comments below.

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That’s it for now, stay tuned for more Myprotein reviews coming up soon.