TPW Protein Brownies Review

Here at GymTalk we’ve tried a number of hit-or-miss protein foods recently, ranging from the good, the bad, to the frankly ridiculous. In fact, some recent protein creations (garlic protein grasshoppers?) sound as if they were commissioned by a talking monkey high on psychoactive drugs rather than an actual sentient human. While we wait in earnest for […]

Review: MuscleFood Protein Balls, Wafers & Prutella Spread

Having spent the summer in the south of France eating baguettes, drinking wine, taking a two hour lunch, not cancelling my signal after changing lanes, working 37.5 hours a week, not wearing a veil, driving a shit French car, striking regularly, drinking UHT milk, wearing tight trousers, not wearing deodorant, drawing satirical/racially insensitive cartoons, producing […]

Political Figures In The Gym

Never has the world been more politically charged; mass migration, nuclear armament and Donald Trump. But how do these political collosi shape up in the gym? Who’s the strongest? Who’s got the most progressive training methods? And who’s most likely to push you in the sternum for asking if you can jump in on their […]

The Best UK Mass Gainers: The Ultimate Showdown

Summer has come and gone, and many lads all over the country have returned from booze-infused Magaluf holidays (hashtag Chundergeddon2015) with the abs they worked so hard for (for a maximum of three weeks prior) now coated in full-board hotel breakfast ham feasts, not to be seen again (until next year’s Ibiza fanny extravaganza). So […]

5/3/1 By Jim Wendler – Workout Review

For many years now I have been something of a 5×5 evangelist. Every format of the routine I have tried, from Reg Park’s original programme to the Stronglifts and Madcow variations, has resulted in impressive size and strength gains. As such, I have extolled its virtues to anyone willing to listen – gym buddies, Facebook friends, the Nigerian […]

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