Myprotein Protein Muffins Review

Here we are again with yet another protein-infused food review. Like I said in my recent protein pancakes review, I’m still waiting for protein Haribo, but for now it seems that Myprotein have the perfect solution: protein muffins. Yeah, muffins. Muffins that get you fucking jacked. But can they meet my expectations? Product overview Protein […]

The GymTalk Guide To Music Festivals

Festivals are now a staple of British summertime, up there with disposable barbecues, arguments about office air conditioning and wanting to chin every single Australian cricketer (or, at the very least, hoping their dressing room celebrations descend into a tumult of benzedrine and small arms fire). However, the festival experience is not all roses and […]

Bodybuilding Warehouse Premium Protein Pancakes Review

The thought of pancakes on a regular basis is something which excites me greatly, and I’m sure a lot of people would agree. A big trend in the protein cooking scene – i.e. where we just add protein to literally fucking everything (still waiting for protein Haribo though) – is pancakes, and we recently got […]

The Secret To Fitness

We’re going to cover very briefly here the simple rule that defines those who make progress with their physique and those who don’t. This is the secret to getting ripped. This is the secret to losing weight. This is the real secret behind all those banner ads you see of people’s transformations online. And we’ll […]

Bulk Powders Sports Multi AM:PM Review

Apologies if we sound like your grandmother, but at GymTalk we believe vitamins should be an important part of every lifter’s diet, and the easiest way to ensure you’re getting a benchmark of vitamins is by taking a good quality multi. When I recently wrote about the best vitamins available in the UK, Bulk Powders piped […]

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