Fitness Gurus You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Be Following On YouTube

Following on from our earnest look at Fitness Gurus You Should Be Following On Twitter, I’d like to bring you a less insightful and more vituperative ‘YouTube Gurus’ version. (For more tongue-in-cheek vilification, check out The Top 6 Fitness Personalities On Instagram.) I’ve selected five bodybuilding personalities, some I like, and some I show the […]

So Supplemental: A Buyer’s Guide To Sports Supplements

With the health and fitness supplement industry booming at the moment, there seems to be a swathe of companies releasing supps that do the same thing. However, they are all packaged differently and vary massively in price. Do you go for the cheapest one and double up the dosage? Or are you opting for whichever […]

Olympic Weightlifting Training Diary Week #1: Nothing But Hard Work Here

This training log diarises the journey of David Heppenstall, a Welsh Champion Olympic Weightlifer, as he attempts to qualify for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Read the introduction to this series here. For the last couple of weeks, after my most recent comp, I have been self-programming under the watchful gaze of my coach, Ray […]

Olympic Weightlifting Training Diary: An Introduction

Let me introduce myself. My name is David Heppenstall, and I’m an amateur Olympic Weightlifter and the current Welsh National Champion (105kg). This training diary – for those who wish to follow/read/whatever it is you do with a blog – will seek to cover my progress as I strive to get a 300kg Total in […]

Workout Review: Jim Stoppani’s 12 Week Shortcut To Size

With an opening gambit of ‘Real Science, Unreal Results’, I couldn’t help but be interested in this workout. After all, a quick search on YouTube for other guru workout programmes reveals a myriad of hokum, quasi-debilitating looking exercises and gratuitous use of the word ‘bro’. For example, just have a look at this video detailing¬†Greg […]

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