Hurricane XS Review

Summer means one thing for bodybuilders up and down the country: Getting topless at every possible opportunity. Grocery shopping – topless. Lunch break at work – topless. Nightclub dancefloor – topless. Funeral of a beloved relative – topless. And with “suns out guns out” weather just around the corner (although I live in the UK […]

A Guide To Training For Size

Let me set the scene… While busting out another pristine set of below-parallel squats, you spot some chief doing bicep curls. There he is, throwing his back into every rep, and he just about gets 8 reps. If you can call them reps. You next spot him on the bench press where he proceeds to […]

C T Fletcher: The Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of

During another seemingly pointless and soul destroying hour long YouTube video binge, I had the serendipity to click on a link teasingly entitled “The Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of”. While expecting to find yet another misleading title – and yet another video of pixelated tits and arse – what followed changed my outlook on […]

Bodybuilding & Microsoft Excel Part 2: Workout Selection

Back by the =power of popular demand and through the =product of at least 15 minutes research playing around with Excel, I’m able to bring you the second installment in the groundbreaking series of blog posts entitled ‘Bodybuilding and Microsoft Excel’. (You can read Part 1: 1RM Percentages by clicking here.) Selecting your workout To start […]

Jack3D Micro Review

As some of you may or may not know, the pre-workout supplement Jack3D got banned recently because somebody thought it would help them run a marathon faster. Why they thought a product designed to increase your anaerobic energy systems would help them in a long distance event I will never know, but the media jumped […]

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