Reader Q&A

Reader Q&A With Ray Buckton & Russ Howe

Most of the guidance we dish out here at GymTalk can be fairly one sided: Do full-body workouts, squat more, be Reg Park, stop making a ponce of yourself on social media… You know the drill by now. And while it’s all perfectly good advice – sometimes it’s more helpful to call in the professionals. People who live […]

Reader Q&A With Russ Howe PTI

Here at GymTalk HQ we’ve been impressed by a few things recently: The women of the Winter Olympics (gorgeous), ‘Da Hulk’ (lifts like an industrial crane, communicates like a giant toad), and Russ Howe. Indeed, we were so impressed with personal trainer Russ Howe’s wealth of knowledge during our recent interview that we asked him if […]

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