Go Nutrition Reviews

Review: Go Nutrition Original Protein Flapjacks

With the success of The Great British Bake Off and an ever-stiffening cultural hard-on for healthy eating and high protein foods, it won’t be long before some TV exec puts two and two together and The Great British Protein Bake Off hits our screens. Hosted by Davina McCall and Joe Wicks, who present with the awkward air […]

Review: Go Nutrition ‘Whey More Nuts’

Peanut butter is one those foods where all restraint just goes out of the window. Confronted with a tub of peanut butter and a spoon, I’ll inevitably show the same level of self-control as a Premier League footballer on a stag weekend in Ibiza with a chemically-assisted erection. The problem with this, of course, is that traditional nut butters have […]

Go Nutrition Whey & Oat Crisp Protein Flapjacks Review

Anyone who’s followed GymTalk from humble inception will know that we’re still looking out for the perfect protein flapjack. This is hardly the race to stop Ebola spreading through Africa or 1970s BBC TV and radio personalities trying to wipe their hard drives But nonetheless we feel it’ll be a seminal moment when a sports nutrition […]

Go Nutrition Muscle Bar Review

Ahhhhh, the protein bar. Surely God himself would’ve been in charge of this fine creation – if not him then maybe one of his high-level elves that oversaw the human eye, dinosaurs, or Kelly Brook’s rump. Or, if you’re not into such things, in this case it’s some mad scientists in a lab in the […]

Go Nutrition Protein Pancake Mix ‘One Shot’ Review

Pancakes – associated with American diners, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson memes and the death of Jesus (or something to do with the Bible anyway). But protein? Not so much. However, those culinary boffins at Go Nutrition – no doubt locked in a Albuquerque superlab and given nothing but pre-workout, fat envelopes of cash and the threat […]

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