Optimum Nutrition Reviews

Gold Standard Mass Gainer Review

Another day another mass gainer. This time round it’s a new product from Optimum Nutrition: their Gold Standard Mass Gainer. In my eyes Optimum have been releasing too many products recently – whether it’s the lean women’s range or three differently packaged BCAA ranges, I find it hard to keep up and I’ve no doubt […]

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review

For the last few years my weight gainer of choice has always been Mutant Mass. It’s my “clutch” supplement, dependable in crucial situations when I need that big hit of muscle and size. However, I recently found Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass on offer online, and being a big fan of their Gold Standard Whey (and a […]

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Review

Like an all-powerful Caesar, Gold Standard 100% Whey bestrides the supplement market like a Colossus. It is the king of whey protein, towering over swarms of competing brands which lurk jealously in the shadows like Cassius or Brutus. It is, if Optimum Nutrition’s marketing material is to be believed, the world’s bestselling protein, with literally […]

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