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The Protein Works is a UK-based, online supplement store which provides high-quality, innovative products at affordable prices. Head over to the website at to learn more.

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Review: The Protein Works Superfood Nut Butter

Peanut butter has long been the emperor of the nut butter world. In recent years, however, its monopoly has been lifted by a host of other nut butter spreads which have risen in popularity. Cashew, almond, walnut, macadamia, hazelnut and Brazil nut butters are now widely available in supermarkets and are not just the reserve of obscure […]

Review: TPW Whey Crispy Clusters

It’s 2pm Monday, the first day of your new healthy eating regime. That spinach and avocado chicken salad you had for lunch was nice enough – but it didn’t quite hit the spot, and after hearing Linda from HR refer to her stupid fucking children as her raison d’être for the fifth time that day, […]

TPW Protein Brownies Review

Here at GymTalk we’ve tried a number of hit-or-miss protein foods recently, ranging from the good, the bad, to the frankly ridiculous. In fact, some recent protein creations (garlic protein grasshoppers?) sound as if they were commissioned by a talking monkey high on psychoactive drugs rather than an actual sentient human. While we wait in earnest for […]

TPW Protein Mug Cake Mix Review

Everyone has a weakness. For Achilles it was his gammy heel, for Superman it was Kryptonite, and for Michael Jackson it was a drunk Macaulay Culkin passed out on a bed shaped like a giant rocket ship. For me – like many others trying to maintain a disciplined diet – a major vulnerability is the looming presence […]

The Protein Works Naked Protein Popcorn Review

There is a battle raging. In the shadows, in the darkness, right under humanity’s nose. It is a bitter war fought between supplement companies as they try to turn the most mundane of everyday snacks into protein-enriched gains tools. The latest blow to be landed comes from the secret underground bunker of The Protein Works (Runcorn). This weapon, […]

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