The Protein Works Reviews

The Protein Works is a UK-based, online supplement store which provides high-quality, innovative products at affordable prices. Head over to the website at to learn more.

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The Protein Works Protein Flapjack Luxe Bars Review

Like ‘Gary Glitter’ – ‘innocent’, ‘Ed Miliband’ – ‘win’, ‘female comedian’ – ‘funny’, ‘protein supplement’ and ‘luxury’ are words that are rarely associated. However, when a flash sale popped up on my Facebook feed from The Protein Works for a luxury protein flapjack, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Heck, I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything […]

TPW Protein Snackers Review

Crisps (as these will henceforth be referred to for SEO purposes). Alongside the dog, low quality lesbian porn, and YouTube videos about how to properly bleed a radiator, they truly are a man’s best friend. The perfect accompaniment to sandwiches, dips and Gary Lineker’s personal finances, crisps tend to get a bad wrap in the […]

The Protein Works Whey Protein 80 SF+ Review

There are many things containing soy that I dislike: Soy milk, Soy sauce, the Spanish, Soy Chubby Brown. So when The Protein Works released one of their regular Facebook communiques informing me that they were releasing a soy free whey protein I was somewhat thrilled. Now I’m not one of these paleo cunts with their […]

The Protein Works Super Greens Review

Mum always said, “Eat your veg – you’ll get big and strong!” Well, Mum, you were wrong. It’s protein that makes you big and strong you bloody idiot, do you even lift? Jokes aside, it’s often this very reason why guys who lift skip out on a complete meal. It’s laughable how little fruit and […]

The Protein Works Raze Preworkout Review

I love pre-workout supplements but recently I’ve had trouble finding something I like that isn’t either really expensive or just plain terrible. So I decided to try Raze by The Protein Works. I’d also been off caffeine for a few weeks before I started taking this, so was expecting to be tripping balls pretty hard […]

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