The Protein Works Reviews

The Protein Works is a UK-based, online supplement store which provides high-quality, innovative products at affordable prices. Head over to the website at to learn more.

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All In One Protein The Works Review

I’m a big fan of all-in-one supplements. Unlike fellow GymTalk writer Charlie, I just don’t have the time/can’t be arsed to measure out the specific quantities of creatine or glutamine needed for each serving. Like a 69oz Mixed Grill, with all-in-ones you get everything you could possibly want in one hit (but without skyrocketing your […]

The Protein Works iBCAA Review

Everyone has their staple supplements. Whey protein, creatine, pre-workout, maybe a casein-protein mix. And if you’re anything like me you have some ancillary supplements that you keep on the bench to give yourself a little boost or maybe even a treat now and again. Well one of the supplements from my ‘substitute bench’ has recently […]

The Protein Works Protein Cookies Review

Although protein shakes are by far and away the most popular protein supplements, there are a number of alternatives on the market. Do you own a hat with corks hanging from the brim and a two foot long knife? Why not try an ostrich egg. Do you watch MTV reality TV? Are you a complete […]

The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Review

Writing for GymTalk has taught me a few things: 1. You can shoehorn a knob gag into pretty much any genre of writing; 2. Having a basic understanding of meta-tags and H1 tags can elevate your position in Google’s rankings considerably; 3. Most importantly, there are numerous companies supplying better supplements than Myprotein. I’m inclined […]

The Protein Works Whey & Oat Crisp Flapjack Review

I was so ruddy impressed with The Protein Works Whey Protein 80 that I decided to try another one of their products. Being a bit fed up with my usual diet of fish, eggs and tuna – as well as protein shakes so sweet they tasted like Gok Wan’s ballbag – I felt like trying something […]

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