In-Season Rugby Training Routine

We all know that the best things in life come in threes: Back to the Future, The Naked Gun, Boob Academy I, II and IV (III was a misfire, IV a sublime return to form). So here we come to the end of my trilogy of rugby (specifically front row) oriented gym tips. If you want to […]

6 Things I Have Realised After 14 Years Of Training

They say the strongest steel is forged in fire. The steel in my case looked like it had just had a stare down with Uri Geller. I had been ceremoniously dumped by my first love and had nowhere to turn. Any time I would try and spill the woe my mates would look at me […]

Turn Up The Volume: 4 Ways To Increase Training Volume For Size & Strength Gains

As summer comes to an end – and with the Olympia on the horizon – most lifters will be dreaming about making some serious gains over the next few months. Whether it’s packing on some size, increasing strength, or a mixture of the two, manipulating your training volume is a great way to grab a […]

Pre-Season Rugby Training Routine: Strength, Aerobic & Anaerobic Fitness

Let us return to that bastion of homo-eroticism, physical graft, mud, and a quintessentially English desire to cause physical pain while being bound by strict rules that is Rugby. For the uninitiated, you should probably consult my previous expletive laden post, Pre-Season Rugby Training Routine: Strength & Power. If you followed my previous routine, you should […]

Reg Park’s Beginner Routine

For many aspiring bodybuilders, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Golden Era’ physique is still the definition of perfection. It oozes class and panache, like a Da Vinci painting, a Rachmaninoff concerto, or a cracking pair of tits. However, in their bid to replicate the Austrian Oak’s muscular stature, many beginners get off to the wrong start. In an effort to land that […]

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