Dave Draper’s Go-To Bodybuilding Workout

Ignoring the historical, biological and social implausibility, imagine, for a second, if Hercules and Owen Wilson had had sex and raised the child on a beach in Southern California with a diet rich in heavy squats, anabolic steroids and protein shakes. You’ve just imagined Dave Draper – one of the first superstars of the vintage […]

How To Protect, Stabilise & Build An Iron Set Of Shoulders

As a guest on GymTalk today I have decided to tackle the topic of your shoulders. You see the good ‘ole shoulder joint seems to be a problem area for many lifters and bodybuilders alike and there are generally some very common reasons for this. So, as the guest for today, I’m going to attempt […]

Lean Bulking: A New Approach To Adding Mass

Take a glance back in time 5 years and in the winter months you would find gyms packed with people lifting as heavy as they could while simultaneously cramming pizzas, burgers and anything else their hearts desired down their gullets in an effort to add every extra ounce of muscle to their frames. Fast forward […]

The Tom Platz Leg Workout

It is largely agreed that in his heyday Tom Platz had the best leg development the world has ever seen. Although his highest placing at the My Olympia was a mere 3rd in 1981, he legs were unquestionably in a league of their own. In an era where the ‘aesthetic’ v-shape physiques of Schwarzenegger and […]

Reg Park’s 3 Step 5×5 Routine: The Original Size & Strength Workout

If I could time travel, aside from using it to make millions a la Back To The Future Part II, I would pay a visit to my 15 year old self and impart some pearls of wisdom: Get a haircut, stop wanking into a sock, and, most importantly, forget those endless bicep curl and tricep […]

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