The Mighty Bench Press Pyramid

So here’s the deal. You’ve been training regularly for the last 6 months hitting that 3/4 day split that you found in the pages of Muscle & Fitness magazine. You’re religiously hitting 3 sets of 8-12 reps on every exercise and sinking protein shakes and chicken breast fillets like a man on a mission. Results […]

Unconventional Strength Training Workout

When working out most of us do not stray far from the typical, tried-and-tested exercises. And while bench, squat and deadlift are no doubt extremely effective ways of piling on size and strength, hitting the same lifts week in week out can sometimes leave you feeling a little stagnant. So whether you’ve hit a plateau, […]

The 20 Rep Squat Routine Review

Before the advent of modern bodybuilding, with its isolation machines, designer supplements and toxic chemicals, there was a secret weapon which bodybuilders used to grow freakish amounts of muscle in a short space of time. This was a weapon so holy and so powerful that it was inscribed on two stone tablets on the slopes […]

5 Brutal Exercises To Supercharge Your Workout

Here’s the deal: You’re not really working out hard enough. Really, you’re not. You’re on the phone checking out some idiotic status update on Facebook, catching your breath just before you blast out that set of 10. 10 absolutely brutal lateral raises. Way to go big guy, talk about pushing the physical envelope. Why does […]

German Volume Training Review

When I first started taking bodybuilding seriously I would devour as much information on different training routines and philosophies as I possibly could. I ravenously consumed articles on eccentric training, rest-pause, 5×5, supersets, tri-sets, like I was Charlie Sheen let loose at an all-you-can-bang hooker convention. However, there was one routine that particularly intrigued me. […]

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