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3 Exercises For Breaking Powerlifting PRs

I’ve listened to enough of Chad Smith’s Strong360 podcasts to appreciate that the best way to improve one’s competition powerlifting PRs is to simply focus on those lifts in training. But when you’re really maxing out on squat and getting frustrated that you can’t seem to add even 2.5kg to your 1-3 rep maxes, is throwing […]

Turn Up The Volume: 4 Ways To Increase Training Volume For Size & Strength Gains

As summer comes to an end – and with the Olympia on the horizon – most lifters will be dreaming about making some serious gains over the next few months. Whether it’s packing on some size, increasing strength, or a mixture of the two, manipulating your training volume is a great way to grab a […]

Making The Most Of The Recovery Zone

The great thing about being young is your ability to recover. Remember the days you could hit the town, get utterly glazed, party till the sun came up then head into work for a skull crushing 12 hour shift? And now? Well anything less than 8 hours sleep a night and you’ve forfeited your ability […]

How To Protect, Stabilise & Build An Iron Set Of Shoulders

As a guest on GymTalk today I have decided to tackle the topic of your shoulders. You see the good ‘ole shoulder joint seems to be a problem area for many lifters and bodybuilders alike and there are generally some very common reasons for this. So, as the guest for today, I’m going to attempt […]

Lean Bulking: A New Approach To Adding Mass

Take a glance back in time 5 years and in the winter months you would find gyms packed with people lifting as heavy as they could while simultaneously cramming pizzas, burgers and anything else their hearts desired down their gullets in an effort to add every extra ounce of muscle to their frames. Fast forward […]

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